Thursday, June 15, 2017

Book of the Week: BLUE FIRE

Excerpt 1:

Rhianni Day went to sleep with the planet Mallachrom staring at her from the screen in her cabin on board the Rover ship, Star Sword.

For the last nineteen years, since the Talroqi invaded the planet of her birth, she had sworn she would never return. She didn't want to see the devastation caused by the hive creatures, didn't want to see the mass graves and the memorials erected after the Talroqi had finally been driven out. Her father, then-Rover Captain Joras Day, had left Mallachrom reluctantly upon the military's insistence that the colony world was too far from the battle lines to ever be invaded.

They were wrong, and Rhianni's father had carried a burden of guilt for nineteen years. Now he was dead, and Rhianni had come home to pay his debt -- if possible.

So she wasn't surprised when the dreams began almost before the image of Mallachrom, the rich colors of life dulled by the ship's sensors, faded from behind her closed eyelids.

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