Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The War Room


Yesterday, I turned in MUSIC IN THE NIGHT, the final book in the Guardians of the Time Stream series, published by Desert Breeze Publishing.

MUSIC is due out in October.

What happens in it? Well, if you read SANCTUARY (and if you didn't, go do that right now) we left Ess and her friends gearing up to search for the daughter of Anna, a Revisionist woman who joined the Originators and was friends with Ess's mother, Vivian. Both women owned a rose carved from the crystal used by the Originators, and several times when they were children, Ess and Carmen, Anna's daughter, met in their dreams. Ess has to find Carmen before the Revisionists do, and enslave her and the incredible talent she inherited from her mother.

Also, there's a faint touch of "Phantom of the Opera" in the story, with singing and an underground community.

Enough said!

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