Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The War Room

I've re-released an old book, previously published with By Grace Publishing.

This book started life as a proposed Easter pageant script for my church, which used to do a big, blow-out, cast-of-thousands production for 13 years, with sold-out crowds and 5 or 6 performances every year.

ELISHEVA was originally called THE PRICE, and was an alternative, focusing on the impact Jesus had on the lives around Him.

Now titled ELISHEVA, Part 1, The Price, this book will be followed up next year (at least, that's the plan!) with Part 2: The Journey. After all, Elisheva's life goes on after she leaves Jerusalem and heads out into the world that is decidedly unfriendly towards the followers of the Messiah.


FREE in Kindle format

Until Friday, April 14.

Actually, Kindle is the ONLY format available for this book.

So, my Easter gift to you -- ELISHEVA as a free download for 3 days only -- Wednesday through Friday, April 12 through 14.


And have a blessed Easter!

Elisheva's life as the sheltered daughter of a rich, highly respected rabbi, changed in a matter of months. First, her father was censured by the Sanhedrin and fell from grace. The humiliation and his anger destroyed his health, and when he died, Elisheva was left at the mercy of her reckless, rebellious brother, Simeon. He threw in his lot with the Zealots, and when a raid failed, Simeon was captured and crucified for his crimes. 

Elisheva learned that when a man committed the crime of rebellion against Rome, the Romans punished his entire family. Their home and farm and vineyards and servants were confiscated. Elisheva was sent to be sold as a slave. None of her father's former friends and students spoke up for her, or offered to redeem her.

Facing a short, unhappy future as a harlot, Elisheva went to the auction block. Then the unthinkable happened. Benjamin, one of her father's former students, sold everything he possessed to buy her. He had vowed to marry her, but had been turned away because he was poor. 

Elisheva vowed she would make him happy, so he never regretted the risks he had taken, the mockery he endured for her sake. She thought they would be happy, and they were, until a rabbi from Nazareth came to Jerusalem and turned the world upside down. With success and security and wealth within their grasp, the choices Benjamin and Elisheva made next would affect the rest of their lives, and might tear them apart.

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