Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The War Room

And the word for today is: PRE-ORDERS.

Two books are now available for pre-ordering, and with one, that means saving $$ on the cover price once the book is officially released.

First off is GROWING UP NEIGHBORLEE, coming in mid-April from Uncial Press.

You can pre-order from Amazon for your Kindle by clicking here.

What's it about? Well, if you've read any of the Neighborlee books, you've probably already met Lanie Zephyr, who tells her story in her own words.

Lanie was a Lost Kid--a toddler found by the side of the road, with no one to claim her. She ended up in the Neighborlee Children's Home, where her long journey to become a semi-pseudo-superhero began. She and her friend Kurt, and later Felicity, made up the "rules" for what they were and what they could do as they went along. Most of the time, they borrowed them from comic books.
Lanie could kinda-sorta fly and move things with telekinesis. Kurt could invent and make broken machines work when all mechanical laws said they shouldn't. Felicity gave off uncontrollable EM bursts and controlled dogs. Where the trio came from and how they got to Neighborlee faded into the background when faced with the really big questions: Why were they the way they were and how could they do the things they did? Were they aliens? Genetic experiments? Mutations? Should they look for a spaceship? Should they fear the Men in Black or the CIA?

Adventures and misadventures tested their imagination, their loyalty, and their courage as they explored their abilities and their world. And one thing became perfectly clear: the Lost Kids were as necessary to guard Neighborlee from the rest of the world, as they were vital to protect the rest of the world from the everyday weirdness and magic of Neighborlee.

And the other book you can pre-order now -- and save money on at the same time:

The Crossover Alliance's third anthology deals with superheroes!
Coming your way March 28. Pre-order your digital edition now and save some cash, and get your copy via email on release day! Click this link here.

Some pursue heroism, others are thrust into it. 

Superheroes. They live among us, some hidden in plain sight, others as well-known celebrities. All carry a burden and a purpose: to destroy the evils of this world and keep the common man safe from harm. 

But evil is a strong thread that refuses to be cut. How much sacrifice will be demanded to destroy that which seeks to destroy us, and are there enough heroes to do the job? 

Experience a collection of short stories brimming with the struggles of heroism and the dark side of villainy, where real-world content merges with Christian fiction to produce a unique storytelling atmosphere.

The Bald Man by Timothy G. Huguenin
The Last Call by Kristin L. Norman
sinEater by D.A. Williams
Hierro by Jen Finelli
Living Proof by Michelle Levigne
Airfoil: Hotspots by Steve Rzasa
Someone Is Aiming For You by JD Cowan
Without Blemish: A Philosophy of Preaching by Nathan James Norman
The Trojan Initiative by Clayton Webb
Fly Like A Bird by Rosemary E. Johnson
Chronostream’s Father by Adam David Collings

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