Thursday, February 23, 2017

The War Room


Been kind of crazy-busy lately.

All of a sudden I have several books on deadlines. Scrambling to get one project done so I have room and time for other projects, trying to get some billable work done to ... pay bills! Preparing for my first-ever cruise (need it!).

I FINALLY have the titles and general ideas for the last 4 Quarry Hall books. It's important to know where I'm going because I want to have some rising action and a major story arch going through all of them, leading up to the resolution of a few background storylines/problems that have been building through the whole series. Funny thing is, I didn't really know the problems were there -- well, some of them -- when I proposed the series to the lovely folks at Desert Breeze Publishing. I love it when characters and situations just insert themselves into the story, demanding to be heard. When you create a place and people and they become real enough they sort of take over, and sometimes the story seems to write itself.

But all good things must come to an end ...

Book 12: TRIS
Matt Cameron's cousin finally has her day in the sun. Readers met Tris in the first book that launched the series, JOAN. Matt raised his twin cousins, Tris and Rocky, after both sets of parents were killed. You'll learn more about their parents, and follow Tris as she goes through her own trial by fire.

Darcy returns as old enemies focus on her, thinking she has some long-missing, dangerous information. An old enemy of her father -- and Vincent, George, and McAllistair -- tries to get at Darcy, and do some damage to the rescue mission and Quarry Hall at the same time.

Book 14: FAITH
Some of Matt and Joan's issues finally get resolved, along with clues that a major nemesis has found Joan and Nikki and could be closing in for the kill. There might just be a wedding on the horizon, at long last.

Joan's "wicked stepmother" reveals some of her own dark past as several stories and lives at Quarry Hall come to a close, and the leadership changes.

Hope that's whet your interest, and you'll stick around through the end. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

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