Thursday, February 2, 2017

The War Room

February already?

Of course, I didn't get all my goals accomplished, but the really big, important ones, yes.

MUSIC IN THE NIGHT, the final book in the Guardians of the Time Stream series, has been rough drafted. It's a biggie, and I already have notes for scenes to add. Probably that will trim out or trim down scenes that follow, when characters are introduced earlier in the book and I don't have to take up space having people remember the first time they met that new character. *sigh* It's always something, right?

February is already shaping up to be busy. Books to edit for other people -- because that's how I make my living. Final drafts -- hopefully -- of several books I have promised to one of my publishers and a hopeful publisher. Research projects for several books I want to start writing in the coming months. Yeah, even with fantasy and science fiction, I need to do research.

Specifically, this series I'm creating out of a book that was rejected/returned by one of my publishers. They decided not to continue the series, so I'm revising the book, making it the second book in a new series instead of the third book in a series that shall hereafter remain unfinished, and I need to do a lot of reading. This rejected book features a lot of faerie tales that have been set on their heads. Like the Little Mermaid is now trying to get her tail back because the prince isn't such a great guy after all, or the Emperor's New Clothes now focuses on a merchant who's a clothes horse, and the princess in The Princess and the Pea is suffering from a magic location spell that makes her sick whenever she comes near peas. Yeah, that kind of twisting. It's gonna be fun!

Also, I'm gearing up to start rough drafting the next book -- #12 -- in the Quarry Hall series of women's fiction with a dash of danger and suspense. Our heroine this time is Tris, the orphaned cousin of Matt Cameron, who still needs to convince Joan to marry him. There are only 4 more books to go in the series, so I'll be wrapping up several storylines that have been spinning out in the background (including a wedding or two), resolving some relationships, and hopefully dealing with some bad guys who have been standing in the shadows and either throwing bombs at our heroes, or simply snickering in a most evil way.

Happy February, everybody!

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