Saturday, February 4, 2017

Taste the Book: SANCTUARY


Get your advance tastes here for SANCTUARY, Book 2 of the Guardians of the Time Stream series published by Desert Breeze Publishing.

Every other Saturday through April, when the book is released, you'll get a piece of a scene. The weeks in between will feature scenes from another April release: GROWING UP NEIGHBORLEE, from Uncial Press.

San Francisco 1877

"What are you going to do first?" Ess Fremont asked.

She stood with Athena Latymer on the observation deck of the Golden Nile, looking out over San Francisco on one side and the ocean on the other.

"As I told your Mr. Fitch, we are going to clean house."

Ess snorted, the best she could do to keep from responding to "your Mr. Fitch." The idea of Allistair Fitch being at all attached to her emotionally was laughable. Granted, he was clever and a good leader and good-looking, but she didn't have time for such considerations. She had her heritage to reclaim.

"We are obviously not protected enough by splintering and separating the many divisions of the Originators," Athena continued. "It is only by the grace of God that the Golden Nile and the Blue Lotus Society have been shielded as well as they have. Perhaps keeping one hand from knowing what the other is doing has worked against us. We need to regroup. Close ranks. We will stay here until Stryker's life as Seth Judson, Pinkerton agent, has been thoroughly excavated and we have some idea of the depths of his treachery.” She gripped the rail and looked down over the countryside, the waves creating frothy white lines along the coast. "Then we go to the Sanctuary."

"To do what?"

Granted, the idea of Sanctuary conjured up all sorts of images of vast rooms filled with Originator records, and hundreds of people who could fill in the missing pieces of her life, and perhaps someone among all of them who could help her find out what happened to her grandparents. Still, going to Sanctuary equated with jumping feet-first into a dark pit with no idea of where the bottom lay or what waited for her in that darkness.

Ess hadn't survived seven years, effectively on her own, by taking ridiculous risks like that.

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