Monday, February 20, 2017

Off the Bookshelf: A GENTLEMAN OF MEANS, by Shelley Adina

Hurrah! Another book in the Lady of Devices series.

Honestly? The first full-length steampunk books I managed to read from cover to cover were Shelley Adina's. I took piles of them out of the library to see what the hey-ya was up with this new and popular genre, and I just couldn't get through them. Then I found Lady Claire, one tough chick and her determination to be an engineer even if it wasn't ladylike and ... *sigh*


This latest adventure has Claire and Andrew preparing for their wedding. Alice is under a death threat for not only resisting the unjust demands of the Venetian government, but escaping, rescuing a prisoner, and rescuing her airship from being unjustly impounded. Then there's Gloria, the American heiress and former schoolmate, who has turned from a spoiled airhead into someone with brains and ethics and an iron spine -- she vanished while Claire and Andrew and Alice were rescuing Ian from certain doom. GENTLEMAN OF MEANS wraps up several storylines, as well as commiserating with Claire as she tries to adjust to the fact that her dreams aren't shaping up quite like she imagined they would. Success and graduation and inventive brilliance haven't guaranteed her the respect of her peers or a chance to prove what she can do. She leaps at the chance to run off and rescue Gloria, but doing what she knows is right might just separate her from Andrew forever, as well as insulting various powerful friends and patrons. What's a lady to do?

Another fun romp. And I'm so glad I have a couple of new Devices books piled up for reading. When I get a chance. Never enough time to read!!

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