Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The War Room

Lots of progress!

I had a goal of 80K words in January for MUSIC IN THE NIGHT, the last book in the Guardians of the Time Stream series. I passed 80K this morning, and anticipate finishing my first draft of the book by the end of the month!

Also, I'm revising a book that I had tentatively accepted by a publisher, who then expressed some difficulties with the storyline and character development. I told them I would brainstorm in December and revise in January. Well, I'm finally getting that revising done. Don't know if I'll have a polished book ready to turn in February 1, but we're getting closer!!!

Here's the really exciting news: COVER ART.

I have 2 books coming out in April.
SANCTUARY, the next book in the Guardians of the Time Stream series from Desert Breeze Publishing.
And GROWING UP NEIGHBORLEE, another book set in the weird little town of Neighborlee, Ohio, published by Uncial Press.

SANCTUARY takes up right where THE BLUE LOTUS SOCIETY left off. Ess has more puzzles and problems from her past to unravel, the biggest being the discovery that her grandparents tampered with her memory, to protect her from enemies and to hide the secrets of the Originators. Plus, the discovery of a traitor implies that the leadership of the Originators and the safety of Sanctuary, their headquarters on the West Coast, might just be compromised. Ess goes for a crash course in Originator history while heading west to face her past and her family's enemies. Important, dangerous responsibilities could be resting on her shoulders, but how can she decide when she doesn't have vital information?

GROWING UP NEIGHBORLEE takes readers back to the
childhood of one of the characters you've met in previous books set in Neighborlee. Lanie Zephyr is a newspaper reporter and part-time comedian who looks at life from doorknob level because an accident put her in a wheelchair. Now, in GROWING UP NEIGHBORLEE, told in her own words, readers can learn about Lanie's mysterious origins, how she and her orphanage friends learned to become semi-pseudo-superheros, and the general background weirdness and history and traditions of Neighborlee. In Book 2, due out next year, readers will finally learn about the accident that put Lanie in her wheelchair and blunted her semi-pseudo-superhero powers.

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