Monday, January 16, 2017

Off the Bookshelf: CRESS, by Marissa Meyer

The third book in the Lunar Chronicles weaves yet another faerie tale into the fascinating SF saga where the people living on the moon keep moving closer toward the inevitable conflict with Earth.

CRESS takes a new twist on Rapunzel, including lots of overgrown hair, Rapunzel landing in the desert, and the hero being blinded -- and yeah, the wicked witch. Lots of wicked witches.

In between Cress's struggle to escape her satellite "tower" that she's been trapped in since childhood, meeting the rascally Captain Thorne, the two of them crashing in and surviving in the desert, we have the further struggles of Cinder and her odd assortment of allies as they keep trying to find out evil Lunar Queen Levana is up to, the cause of the plague devastating Earth, and now the big challenge: stopping the wedding between Levana and Emperor Kai -- Cinder's handsome prince.

Wow. Did anyone hear me scream last week when I finished CRESS and realized there was another book to read before I could find out who survives the battle? Right now, Scarlet is a prisoner on the moon, Wolf is ready to die of despair, Thorne hasn't gotten his eyesight back yet, the Lunar guard who was helping them is ratting them out to Queen Levana, and Kai has just learned all of Cinder's world-shaking secrets. Can love grow in this environment -- and survive?

Thank goodness I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas. Guess what I'm spending it on? WINTER, the 4th Lunar Chronicles book.

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