Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The War Room

Wow ........ happy (almost) New Year!

Three days left to the year.
I think it's getting too late to reach some of those 2016 goals.
There are a couple movies on my list I'll manage to get in today and Friday.
And I did send another Wildvine book to my publisher.
Didn't get The Sword of Faxinor, the 4th Faxinor Chronicles book revised and polished and sent to the publisher ... but I'm getting there! Definitely get it in January.
And I'm doing Music in the Night, the next Guardians of the Time Stream book for JaNoWriMo -- like NaNo, but in January -- and I have the book outlined and even a resurrected/recycled short story I wrote 2 years ago that will go in near the beginning, so that puts me about 18K words ahead of the count already.
And I did manage to persuade a fantastic agent to have mercy on me and give me a chance.  (may God have mercy on your soul ... and your sanity ...)

So yeah, I reached a good number of 2016 goals and am gearing up for 2017.

What do we have to look forward to in 2017?
Jennifer -- Quarry Hall Book 11
Tris -- Quarry Hall Book 12
Sanctuary -- Guardians of the Time Stream Book 2
Music in the Night -- Guardians of the Time Stream Book 3
Growing Up Neighborlee -- further messing with the timeline of the Neighborlee, Ohio books -- telling the story of Lanie Zephyr from infancy -- set chronologically before all the published Neighborlee books
Living Proof -- a Neighborlee, Ohio short story, included in the Crossover Alliance's next anthology, coming out tentatively in March/April
More Wildvine books from Writers Exchange

I have gobs of projects I'm trying to get started -- proposals for publishers, worldbuilding, outlining series, that sort of thing. There are the humorous adventures of the crew of an experimental starship. A semi-pseudo-secret agent who's stuck in a boring assignment that turns strange. High school kids kidnapped and shipped to an alien colony. Werewolves. Shapeshifters. A faerie tale princess who is majorly messed up by her faerie godmother and decides she's allergic to magic. And hopefully a few more books roughed and revised and polished dealing with the history of the Commonwealth Universe. It all depends on how well other projects progress and how much energy I lose to frustration and rabbit trails.

Gonna have fun in 2017, and I hope you'll come along for the ride!

If you want inside info and sneak previews of cover art, and you wouldn't mind helping promote upcoming releases, essentially being my street team, look for me on Facebook and ask to be invited to the Croo, a private group. I'm also on Twitter -- @MichelleLevigne -- though I have to admit, I'm not talking much right now ...

2017's gonna be a blast!

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