Saturday, December 10, 2016

Taste the Book: SU-MA

My newest release: SU-MA, Quarry Hall Book 10, from Desert Breeze Publishing.

"I think you should keep trying," Gabe said, when Haley met him for her lunch break.

She had cooking duty this Sunday at the Lighthouse Women's Shelter, and had gnawed on the problem the entire time she made breakfast for forty women and children, then prepared the sandwiches and soup for lunch.

"I mean, yeah, your roommates might be right, but maybe you should try one more time. Make sure you talk to someone with some real authority. After all, how much authority does a switchboard worker have? You never got any further than the switchboard the whole time you've been talking to actual people -- if they really are real people there, and not a bunch of computer programs."

His words earned a snort from her, and he winked.

"And look at it this way, your lawyer did say you had one last chance of getting what you want without legal action. Ask them for mediation. What could it hurt?"

Gabe was right, she decided, as she hurried back to the Lighthouse to figure out what she had on hand and plan the menus for the coming week. She needed to talk to someone in charge, the people who made the real decisions. At her first break the next morning, she would call.

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