Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The War Room

November 30.

National Novel Writing Month is officially over as of midnight.

WHEW! So glad I made it. I crossed the 50K goal mark about 2 weeks ago, and last week I registered my work-in-progress book, "Growing Up Neighborlee Book 2" as a winner. Which is a good thing because my life got really complicated and hectic the last few days.

Then this morning I decided that 13K words of "Growing 2" didn't belong. OUCH! Surgery, even if it's in the 1st draft of a book, is painful! Well, I decided the subject matter and how the heroine handled the problem, and the timing of how the problem unfolded .... well, it needs to be handled later in her lifetime, later in her storyline/character development arch. Like 3 books further down the line.

Anyway, GROWING UP NEIGHBORLEE, the 1st book in the series featuring the life and adventures of Lanie Zephyr, Neighborlee's resident comedienne, will come out from Uncial Press April 2017. We don't have a release date for Book 2, the one I'm working on right now, but I would hazard a guess on it coming out in April 2018. So in 2019, start looking for the LIVING PROOF books, some of which have already been rough drafted, featuring Lanie and her semi-pseudo-superhero friends in action, and dovetailing into the timeline of Neighborlee, Ohio books that have already been published. Yeah, didn't know you'd be time traveling with these stories, did you?

TOMORROW, Thursday, December 1:
A New Book!
Quarry Hall Book Ten
From Desert Breeze Publishing.

Still suffering from the death of her companion dog, Su-Ma's mental state affects her body, confining her to a wheelchair. Looking at life from doorknob level changes her perspective. Despite self-doubts, she accepts a touchy, crucial assignment.

Haley is being used to infiltrate Arc. Su-Ma must mentor her and keep her from betraying them all. They play "God's 2X4" for each other, and work past old hurts and pride. Su-Ma lands in the unaccustomed role of counselor when Haley discovers the depths of the betrayal and manipulation, setting her up to destroy Quarry Hall from within.

As the enemy's plan unfolds, Su-Ma regains her spiritual, then physical feet. She surprises herself when she stands up against attack, defending her home and family. Encouraged, she takes her first steps on a new path in life.

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