Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The War Room

I'm coming around the final bend in National Novel Writing Month!

Past 80K words with "Growing Up Neighborlee," the 2nd book. In fact, I could stop at any time -- at least, with reporting my words written each day, for the ongoing tally on the NaNoWriMo site. I could upload the manuscript for the official count and be declared a winner.

But doggone, I'm so close to finishing the book. Just 3 key episodes left to write in the life of Lanie Zephyr as she grows up and learns what it means to be a semi-pseudo-superhero, as well as a guardian of the weird little town of Neighborlee, Ohio. Some heartbreak -- well, not heartbreak, but more on the lines of heart confusion -- from a college romance that goes south. Then the loss of a good friend. The entrance of a new member of the cast into the story -- very necessary, since this person has shown up in Neighborlee stories that are already published, but which take place chronologically after the events of "Growing Up Neighborlee." So I write all over the timeline -- sue me! (after you buy the books, please?) I didn't realize I needed to write these stories of Lanie and her friends growing up and discovering their talents and duties until after other books had been written. Then the book is capped by a story that is already written, and will answer the question a lot of people who have read other Neighborlee stories will be asking. At least, I hope they'll be asking: How did Lanie go from track and basketball coach and yearbook editor and sports reporter to life at doorknob level -- in a wheelchair? Well, that's what happens when you have the ability to kinda-sort fly, it's Senior Prank Night, the kids in Neighborlee try very stupid, risky stunts, and your semi-pseudo-superhero powers DON'T include invulnerability.

Just saying.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? A couple years, I made it my goal to get my shopping done before Thanksgiving and Black Friday, because I just did not want to mess with the traffic and crowds and insanity and general nastiness that ensues. This year, I might order a few things online .... today! But shopping just doesn't do it for me. I guess some people treat it like a marathon or a treasure hunt and love the challenge. Nuh uh. Not me. I plan on taking it easy on Friday and staying off the streets. Or at least as much as I can, considering that my office is across the street from a shopping center that has been doing major renovations, and should be hopping very early in the morning -- or even the afternoon before. I mean, there is a WalMart within line of sight of my office. I wonder if the 5 Guys burger place will be open on Black Friday. It's directly across the street from me, and I've been watching it being built and set up for weeks now ....

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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