Monday, October 3, 2016

Off the Bookshelf: APPRENTICE IN DEATH, by JD Robb

Let me start by putting in a plug for Overdrive, the app that lets me get ebooks from the library! This allows me to indulge in reading new books in series that I love, without breaking my rule (sometimes very hard to keep) that I won't buy new books until I've reduced my to-be-read pile (mountain!) by a decent percentage.

APPRENTICE IN DEATH is chilling, more than many of the books in the In Death series. Why? Because the attitude of the villains are portrayed so clearly in the news every day. The self-righteous, "the world revolves around me and I have the right to punish anyone who doesn't give me what I want" attitude. The people who insist that the world must follow their vision of it, and refuse to take responsibility for their stupid choices. The ones who get angrier and angrier when their choices just make things worse for them.

As the title indicates, the suspect is learning to kill. Or that's the first impression. A teacher skilled in killing, training up a pupil, an apprentice, in the attitude and techniques of death. Until Dallas and her team get inside the lives of the victims, and intended victims, and get access to the killers' plans. Then it's a tossup who's the apprentice and who's the master -- who's the teacher, who's leading, and who's being used as a tool.

Of course, the great character interaction is still a big draw to keep reading, the continuing development of people's lives, the friendships and partnerships, the little clashes between people who work and live together, the growth, the inside jokes. The characters are the best part -- but the police work and the struggle to identify and capture the manifestation of pure, selfish evil makes this another great book in a must-read series.

The scary part is that this scenario is too believable. Let's just hope that there are more smart, dedicated cops out there like Eve Dallas who can track down and stop more selfish, egotistical killers like this pair before more people suffer.

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