Thursday, July 28, 2016

"To Infinity and Back Again" giveaway .... continued!

How about some SF Romance?

Have you read any of my SFR titles? BLUE FIRE, STARBLUE -- novels -- and the novella that is part of the Borealis universe, THAT SYNCING FEELING?

They’re a series, which is always fun for me. I like knowing what happens to other people I’ve met in a book, and what happens to their children.

In BLUE FIRE, Captain Rhianni Day returns to her homeworld, a colony that was invaded during a terrible war with alien hive-mind creatures. Her job is to investigate what really happened when most of the adults were killed, and a group of children were rescued by the native canines called Shadows. Her childhood best friend, Petroc Ash, is the leader of the rescued children -- now adults -- called the Taken. Rhianni needs to investigate all the secrets and lies and uncover a terrible conspiracy that threatens the fate of the Human race, before time runs out.

In THAT SYNCING FEELING, Rhianni’s friend, Nureen, is a
hotshot pilot in a bad mood. She wants to help Rhianni on her assignment, but her ship has been sent to the other side of the galaxy. When she gets pulled through a vortex into the Borealis universe, Nureen is forced to team up with a shapeshifting creature and a man who claims to be a missing war hero, Tedrin Creed -- but Creed supposedly died fifty years before, and this man definitely does not look like he’s in his eighties! The three have to break free of the Borealis and get back through the vortex before it closes.

STARBLUE explores the sacrifices friends will make for each other. Starblue Ash is the daughter of Rhianni and Petroc. Her best friends, Neona and Keegan, are the twin son and daughter of Nureen and Creed.  Blue has vowed never to leave her homeworld, but when Neona is captured by aliens that pretend to be the friendly Shadows of her homeworld, Blue willingly teams up with Keegan to rescue his twin, and they head off across the galaxy.

Now remember, this is all part of the "To Infinity and Back Again" giveaway that is going on at Desert Breeze Publishing this week. You need to go to the Facebook page for Desert Breeze and find out what the rules are, and what questions you need to answer, then come back here and respond in the comments section. You can also ask me questions -- in fact, extra points toward the prize package if you ask me questions!