Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The "To Infinity and Back Again" Giveaway at Desert Breeze Publishing

This week, you need to check out the Desert Breeze page on Facebook.

Because I'm doing a giveaway and you have homework to do all week, to earn points to win the "To Infinity and Back Again" summer fun tote.

See what you can win? (this picture does not feature the 2 books you can win -- your choice)

Part of your homework is to answer questions and then talk to me, right here in the comments section in the blog. I'll be monitoring what's going on and keeping track of who participates, and the winner will be announced to the people in charge at Desert Breeze. You'll get these goodies pictured here -- a tote bag, journal, travel mug, travel toiletries kit, pens, candy pen, 2 reading rubber duckies and 2 faerie bear finger puppets. PLUS your choice of 2 books. First, your choice of any Tabor Heights Year Two or Quarry Hall title, and second, your choice of either Starblue, Blue Fire, or Odessa Fremont.

My venture into steampunk starts with the prequel to the series, Guardians of the Time Stream: ODESSA FREMONT.

Ess at fourteen is not happy to be left behind at boarding school when her archaeologist grandparents
go to South America. Then she realizes her headmistress is up to no good when her grandparents are reported missing, presumed dead, and it looks like the evil woman is trying to confiscate Ess's inheritance. What does she do? Ess runs away, but not before turning the woman and her traitorous brother over to the Secret Service. The next couple years are full of adventure for her, including saving President Lincoln's life and joining the circus!

The next book -- actually Book 1 in the Guardians of the Time Stream, to be released in October -- starts up several years later. Ess is now a Pinkerton agent, and assigned to protect a traveling exhibition of Egyptian artifacts on loan from the Cairo Museum and the British Museum. A late-night encounter with alleged thieves lands her in the middle of the Blue Lotus Society -- and their leader claims to be not just friends with, but associates of her missing grandparents. Ess hesitates to claim her heritage and answer many questions she has had about her grandparents and their secretive lives, but hesitation just escalates the danger she faces when her heritage includes vicious enemies who have fought her family and their allies down through the centuries.

So, do you know what to do? Go check out the Desert Breeze Publishing page on Facebook, learn about the contest and the rules, and then start playing. Come back here to comment and ask me questions in the comments sections. Can't wait to see who wins this prize package!

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