Monday, July 25, 2016

Off the Bookshelf: EMISSARY, by Thomas Locke

My pursuit of reading all fellow Realmies' books in my possession before arriving at Realm Makers takes me to our keynote speaker's book, EMISSARY, Legends of the Realm Book 1.

Thomas Locke turns out to write "other" books under another well-known name, but since it's not SF/Fantasy ... meh, not gonna mention it. You can find out for yourself!

Must admit, this one had me neglecting my writing so I could keep devouring the book. I just wanted to know: What happens NEXT? And considering this is Camp NaNoWriMo month, that's saying something! I mean, I have multiple deadlines and goals this month, but when you need to finish reading a story, it's better just not to resist.

Hyam is our hero, a farmer who has just lost his mother to illness. He goes to deliver a message to fulfill his mother's last request, and what he is told in return turns his world upside down. Hyam isn't who or even what he thought he was, and then he isn't even permitted time to consider all the ramifications, because big trouble is coming against his friends and the kingdom. The worst part is, the trouble originates from within the kingdom. What do you do when there's rot at the heart of the kingdom? Well, sometimes you have to break some laws.

Slowly and surely, Hyam does what he knows is right -- he makes some mistakes along the way -- and puts himself on the line for truth and life. He's the quintessential hero with an agonizing secret and shame. As he lets magic work through him, he is changed, and so are the unique and admirable cast of supporting characters who gather around him.

If this sounds like I'm holding back a lot of details, I am, because that would ruin the story. Doggone it, another series I'm going to be following. When am I going to have time to write?

Up next -- because I'll be reading and finishing it before Realm Makers, even though this report will come out afterward -- BLOOD FOR BLOOD, by Ben Wolf. Why I am reading a vampire novel, I have no idea!

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