Saturday, July 16, 2016

In the Spotlight: Excerpt, SOPHIE, Quarry Hall Book 9

"It suddenly strikes me, Sophie, that I don't say often enough how thankful I am that you're part of our family. If it weren't for you, your influence..." Carter shrugged. "Joan might still not be home, here, if you hadn't been working on her all those years when all I could do was pray. Even the Oracle has his limits."

"Yeah, well, Joan certainly stretched my limits sometimes. We kept each other alive and sane and fought each other's battles. There were a couple times I thought my nasty past was going to get both of us killed, just as sure as hers." She shuddered, flashing back to that moment when she fell, numb with the shock of that bullet in her back, men shouting and guns barking. Joan had come out of the darkness and threw her body across her, shielding her. Sophie never wanted to relive that moment, when her friend risked her life to shield her, and all she could think was that if Joan died, she was doomed for all eternity.

"Are you still..." Carter shrugged. "Searching? Not exactly looking over your shoulder, but watching
for signs of anyone coming close to your trail?"

"Which trail?" She managed to smile, shaking off that brief trip into the moment that changed her life so drastically. "The real trail to the real me, or all the false trails with poisoned breadcrumbs Joan and I had so much fun creating?"

"The Oligarch can never be fully defeated by poisoned breadcrumbs, as you so poetically put it."

"No." She tipped her head to one side and fluttered her eyelashes. "But we can sure as shootin' give him some massive indigestion."

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