Monday, June 6, 2016

New Cover! SOPHIE, Quarry Hall Book 9

Coming in July from Desert Breeze Publishing -- the next Quarry Hall book follows up close on the heels of NIKKI'S TEST.

Like, starting while the previous book is still finishing up!

SOPHIE gets into the mind and heart of Joan's best friend, spiritual counselor, adopted sister, and "Mistress of the Web" at Quarry Hall.

Problems from previous books are coming back to haunt the
daughters of Quarry Hall and friends they've made along the way. The offices of the national magazine, America's Voice, are being cyber-attacked, and because Joan suspects this is tied into the trouble that took place during the events in ANNE'S OGRE, she offers a plan to help out. Jenni Doran, lead reporter at the magazine, comes to Quarry Hall to team up with Sophie and do some intensive cyber-snooping and applying some heavy duty Internet insecticide.

Sophie's computer skills bring her face-to-face with the cyber footprints of someone from her deep, dark, dangerous past, and she nearly unravels. With the love and support and prayers of new friends and her Quarry Hall family, Sophie faces the showdown she always knew was coming.

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