Saturday, June 11, 2016

In the Spotlight: SILVER AZULI, Chorillan Cycle Book 5

SILVER AZULI is the 5th and final novel in this Commonwealth Universe novel series.

Peace has been won on Chorillan at a high price -- war, deaths, and the institution of a military government.

Lucas Aidan, as leader of the Wildlings, is lieutenant governor and liaison between Wildlings and the government. He and Kay'li are married, and despite her vow to leave the Scout Corps and retire, she grudgingly accepts a commission to remain a captain and recruit and train Wildlings as Scouts.

They want more than anything to live the lives they dreamed of: explorers, living among the Azuli, with a house full of children. If they'll ever achieve that dream remains a question.

Enemies who escaped justice at the end of CHORILLAN are still out there, hiding in the wilderness. When Lucas, Kay'li and their adopted daughter go on their yearly summer exploration trip, they find their equipment has been sabotaged. Stranded in the wilderness, with possible enemies closing in for the kill, who can they trust and where should they go?

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