Saturday, June 4, 2016

In the Spotlight: CHORILLAN, Chorillan Cycle Book 4

The 4th book of the Chorillan Cycle, CHORILLAN, brings Kay'li Fieran back home to Chorillan.

The situation is growing dangerous. The artificially generated fear and hatred of Wildlings is increasing. Kay'li has been commissioned by the Scout Corps to investigate and find out who is behind it, what they hope to gain, and if possible, what causes Phase and if there is a cure.

She isn't sure who to trust, but she wants to trust Lucas Aidan,
her childhood friend. After all, when they were children, they made a blood oath that she would come home someday and they would explore Chorillan together, and nothing would ever keep them apart.

The hardest part of her mission: keeping her mission secret from Lucas.

At the same time, Lucas wants to trust Kay'li, but can he? The future of all Wildlings rests on him. One wrong choice, one mistake, could endanger them all.

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