Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spotlight: The Chorillan Cycle -- Re-releasing the 5-book Commonwealth Universe Series

I'm pleased to announce that in the coming months, Writers Exchange e-publishing will be re-releasing the Chorillan Cycle, a 5-book series set in the Commonwealth Universe. These are some of the oldest published books in this SF series -- which is kind of ironic, because they're set in Age 3, or the "modern era" of the Commonwealth stream of history, as opposed to the Downfall or rebirth eras.

In the coming weeks, I'll be showing you the prototypes of the cover art -- they might be changed closer to release -- and a thumbnail sketch of the storyline.

I'm excited, and I hope you are, too!

The Chorillan Cycle revolves around the events on the colony world, Chorillan. Something is very wrong, and those in power are either too ashamed to ask for help, or else they have something to hide. Scout Captain Ian Fieran comes to Chorillan to track down some Gen'gineers who may be hiding in the wilderness of this colony world that has only been settled a few generations. He stays to try to solve the mystery and the problem, but it is up to his daughter, Kay'li, and her friends to finally bring resolution, save innocent lives, and solve a mystery and a problem that have been waiting centuries to be uncovered.

A little background: Ian and Kay'li are descendants of Bain Kern, the hero of the Sunsinger books, and cousins to Captain Jaklyn K'veer of the Leap ship Estal'es'cai -- other captains of the Leap ship have appeared in other books -- such as True Caderi and the Sunsinger novel, Leap Ships.

And to get you really confused -- and I hope interested! -- Jaklyn's mother is Alex, who made her first appearance in True Caderi and who appears in several stories in the Wildvine series, just starting to be released by Writers Exchange -- but the Wildvine books take place on Earth! How does a Leap captain start out as a college girl in the late 70s? Read the Wildvine books and fine out ...

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