Saturday, May 21, 2016

In the Spotlight: SCOUTS' PRIDE, Chorillan Cycle Book 2

SCOUTS' PRIDE, Book 2 of the Chorillan Cycle, a Commonwealth Universe novel, takes place several years after the events of AZULI EYES.

Ian has decided to stay on Chorillan and try to find help and some answers, maybe a cure or prevention for Phase. He and Miranda have married and have a daughter, Kay'li. Nobi Cole, Ian's cousin, has joined him on Chorillan, and during the spring and summer they search the wilderness of Chorillan to find children going through Phase and bring the Wildlings home safely, without damage or trauma.

Miranda is ill with the same debilitating illness that killed her
father. She knows when she is dead, her mother will use all her political influence to take Kay'li away from Ian, and if possible drive him off the planet, so she makes him promise to take Kay'li off-planet to protect her.

That promise launches Ian and Kay'li on an adventure that will take her into adulthood, and train her for the mission her parents were unable to complete: finding the cause and cure for Phase, protecting Wildlings from the growing prejudice against and fear of them, and find out who is interfering with the growth of Chorillan as a colony, and why.

Kay'li grows up among the Scouts of her father's team and learns how to respond to danger, how to defend the innocent and fight for what is right. She learns to be a hero, just like her ancestor, Bain Kern, who established the Scouts in the first place.

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