Saturday, May 28, 2016

In the Spotlight: BY FIRE AND STARS, Chorillan Cycle Book 3

BY FIRE AND STARS, Book 3 in the Chorillan Cycle, takes us back to Chorillan, where Kay'li's best friend, Lucas Aidan, goes through his own testing and training for his destiny.

Before Kay'li left Chorillan, Lucas' father put him and his brother, Sam, through an experimental treatment that would hopefully protect him from going through Phase.

Those hopes are crushed as Lucas' senses grow hyper-acute and
he develops a severe reaction to anything synthetic, to the point of illness.  His parents have a plan -- hide the fact that Lucas is going through Phase, keep him out in the wilderness at their family cabin, and pray that Phase is over and he can go back to normal living when the summer is over and their family goes home. No one needs to ever know that he has become a Wildling.

Disaster strikes their family cabin, and Lucas flees into the wilderness, driven by pain and fear. His survival in the wilderness makes him a legend, and when he finally is dragged back to civilization, he becomes the leader the Wildlings need as their enemies become more determined to destroy them.

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