Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Off the Bookshelf: FLIRTING WITH DISASTER, by Rhonda Stapleton

I always like to pick up books in a series -- and books by people I know -- so FLIRTING WITH DISASTER already had points in its favor before I picked it up.

To be honest, it's been sitting on my shelf for more than a year .... but as anyone who regularly visits here knows, sometimes my goal of at least one book a week ... falls by the wayside. I have so many deadlines of my own, sometimes it takes me two and three weeks to get to the end of a book that I'm reading just for pleasure and fun.

And this book is both.

This is the second book in the STUPID CUPID series, a YA series that's teen angst and comedy and high school torment and romance. Felicity is ... Cupid. Or at least she's one of thousands of modern cupids, using technology to make matches. Only sometimes things don't quite go according to plan. Face it, the girl -- a high school student -- has a lot to learn about putting people together. Especially when it comes to "easy solutions" for her own heartache problems and making her best friends happy.

I won't give too much away by telling you what's essentially on the back cover copy -- Felicity matches up one of her friends, who promptly forgets all the rules of being a BFF for the sake of the guy ... and then matches up the boy she's been in love with for years, to end her own angst and temptation ... and by mistake makes the entire school fall in love with him. Fortunately the initial love spell only lasts a few weeks, but a lot of things happen in those weeks.

Lots of fun, some deep wisdom and lessons learned. You'll grin and sigh and nod and sympathize your way through this book -- and the series.

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