Monday, March 7, 2016

Do you visit GOODREADS?

I hope you visit Goodreads regularly -- but if you don't, then start NOW!


Because I give away FREE BOOKS on Goodreads -- they're called Giveaways -- and that's the tab you want to look for under the Explore section. Or you can click here on GIVEAWAYS. Isn't that easy?

Starting today, I am giving away 2 copies of SUNSINGER, the first book in the Sunsinger YA science fiction series, belonging to my Commonwealth Universe. The giveaway will last 2 weeks.

After that, a new giveaway starts, with a copy of SPACER'S CREED, the 2nd book in the Sunsinger series. Every 2 weeks, a new book to give away, until we get all the way through to Book 10, SCOUTS.

And there are tons of other books being given away FREE on Goodreads every day. If I didn't have so many books piled up, waiting to be read, both in my to-be-read bookrack and in my iPad, I might be haunting the Giveaways page every couple of days and entering more giveaway drawings.

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