Monday, July 20, 2015

Off the Bookshelf: THE STEAMPUNK BIBLE, by Jeff VanderMeer

THE STEAMPUNK BIBLE by Jeff VanderMeer is a great resource touching on multiple aspects of the whole steampunk culture -- music, books, movies, clothes, gizmos and gadgets, art, and the history.

Full of photos and illustrations, it's a treasure trove for those wanting to understand what's involved, those who are considering dipping a toe into the culture -- and for those who want to try writing steampunk and aren't quite sure what's acceptable, what's considered "in" and what violates every precept -- and could be the start of a new facet or division within the whole steampunk universe.

It's kind of overwhelming -- but fascinating. I highly recommend starting your tour of the whole phenomenon here, if only to find the authors and titles who are at the core or genesis of the culture and mindset, so you can read their books and short stories. I have a lot more books on my to-be-read list now, thanks to this book. And maybe a little better understanding of what I need to do to make my book true to the flavor, look, and feel of steampunk.

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