Monday, July 6, 2015

Off the Bookshelf: ANOMALY, by Tonya Kuper

Some of the best books by new writers that I've read in the last year have been YA, especially YA fantasy or paranormal. This debut novel by Tonya Kuper is right up there.

I like how she explains the "rules" of the secret race/society that call themselves the Oculi, without halting the action and pace with a data dump. There's humor, fear, anger, danger, betrayal, hunger for belonging and being normal -- if there really is such a thing -- and two sides of a terrifying transition in a young woman's life, told through two viewpoints. I like Reid and Josie both, and certainly hope the author comes up with a couple more books (at least) about their further adventures.

The Oculi are people who have essentially the power to make what they see in their imaginations real. That can be terrifying when you don't realize you have the power -- and it can be funny. It can also be dangerous when a group decide they have the right to control everyone else with the power, and decide who lives and who dies. What's worse is when those who stand against them might just be no better a choice, no less dangerous and domineering. And there's Josie, who has been told a lot of lies all her life, supposedly to protect her, but isn't quite sure who to trust anyone.

Confused? Don't be -- I just don't want to ruin anything for you, if you like paranormal and you like YA and you like discovering new writers -- because you'll like this book.

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