Monday, January 26, 2015

Off the Bookshelf: STORM SIREN by Mary Weber


You want a gritty, painful fantasy set in a big, kind of frightening yet fascinating world?
You want a story that'll keep going because the ending of the story just guarantees more adventures of your heroine who has been pushed past the point of "enough" and keeps going?

Read STORM SIREN by Mary Weber.
This was the book offered along with the free book one Friday from B&N. It intrigued me, but I hesitated because, quite frankly, I have books numbering in the triple digits waiting to be read, print and electronic.

Then Mary posted on the Speculative page on Facebook and mentioned that was her book and ... that kinda changed things. I bought it on Nook and ... wow. It grabbed me from the first painful scene. Secrets within secrets, danger and war, vile creatures, misunderstood magic, prejudice, politics, treachery, slavery, villainy, and one wounded heroine who must grow past her wounds and self-hatred and fears.

You gotta read this book. You'll get pulled in. You'll get to the final scene and want to scream, just like I wanted to. And you'll probably be relieved that there's another book in the series coming.

Good job, Mary.

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