Monday, January 19, 2015

Off the Bookshelf: LADY OF INTEGRITY by Shelley Adina

I love Shelley Adina's Magnificent Devices series -- Steampunk with a smart, feisty heroine and a good dollop of humor.

Here in the seventh book in the series, Lady Claire is preparing for her wedding to Andrew Malvern -- finally! -- but gets sidetracked when Alice, Jake, and the Stalwart Lass get into trouble in Venice.

Lady Claire's recurring nemesis, the American millionaire Meriwethor-Astor, turns out to lend a hand ... without knowing he's doing so. We have fun, white-knuckle adventures with diving bells and underwater dirigibles, slave labor, evil bureaucrats, burning airships, and a couple of krakens thrown in for good measure.

Would somebody please tell our beloved author that she writes too slowly? More, more, more!

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