Monday, December 1, 2014

Off the Bookshelf: ESTHER by Norah Lofts

Another book read long, long ago -- as I recall, I got it from the Middleburg Heights Library several times during junior high and high school -- which I obtained through that place that makes it so easy to yield to temptation, Alibris.

How Alibris works is it connects you with probably thousands of used bookstores and other such vendors around the world, listing the book or movie or music you want, the prices charged by the vendor, and the names of the vendor. So if you have 6 copies of a book at 6 different vendors, and you have another book you want with 15 copies at 15 different vendors ... common sense says to save on shipping charges and get both books from the same vendor, if possible.

Anyway ....

ESTHER is, as the title makes clear, the story of the Hebrew girl who becomes Queen of Persia through what was essentially a beauty contest. From her story comes the phrase, "for such a time as this," meaning you may be in the position you're in, whether good or bad, to fulfill a specific purpose in God's plan. I was surprised to realize this story of intrigue, politics, revenge and a dash of romance, was written in the 50s. A well-told story never goes out of style.

The author doesn't stick strictly to the facts listed in the Bible, but it's easy to forgive her. The gist of the story carries through. I was delighted to finally get my hands on a copy to put in my library, and reread again in the future.

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