Monday, July 28, 2014

Off the Bookshelf: HER OWN DEVICES, by Shelley Adina

Book Two of the Magnificent Devices series, Steampunk by Shelley Adina.

Lady Claire just keeps going, meeting problems and solving them. She has a job, she is settling in quite nicely with her brood of alley mice and civilizing them, and if she could just evade her mother's plans to marry her off, everything would be peachy.

If only!

Admittedly, she does get herself into a few situations, makes promises and commitments where the reader just sits back and shouts, "No. You'll regret it. Don't do it!" And it doesn't help when Claire knows she's heading for a hard time and resolves that she'll just get out of it when the time is right. (I can't tell you any more details to clear up your confusion, because that would give away the story!)

Suffice to say that I've bought several more books about Lady Claire and can't stop reading. Thank goodness there ARE more books. What a fun addiction. Especially when at the end of this book, it looks like we're heading for a dirigible ride across the ocean, with pirates and tycoons and the Wild West waiting on the other side. Can't wait!

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