Monday, June 2, 2014

Off the Bookshelf: BORN AT MIDNIGHT by C.C. Hunter

YA paranormal series. A new take on the whole vampires/werewolves/other "weird" people living among us theme.

I got this book at a local writing conference I went to, courtesy of the author's publisher. C.C. Hunter was the featured speaker/teacher at the one-day conference -- under her romance writing name of Christie Craig.

She caught my attention, talking about her YA series, how she decided to write it, and her sometimes snarky, sometimes offbeat, self-deprecating sense of humor.

The story? Kylie, a high school girl, feels her life is in the toilet. Her boyfriend dumped her, she's been having horrific nightmares that wake her screaming, she's seeing things (a dead soldier), her parents are divorcing, she went to a party and got picked up by the police and she didn't DO anything ... and now her therapist has recommended her mother send her away to a camp for troubled teens for the summer. And just from the people she meets on the bus going to the camp, this is a weird place.

Of course, the book is all about how Kylie learns why the weird things are happening and just how weird she is among the weird people. It's a fun book, at the same time it deals with some painful issues, and establishes the groundwork for the whole supernatural community. I'm so glad the book is a two-book set, so I can keep reading!

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