Monday, May 5, 2014


The next book in my quest to soak up steampunk is actually a short story by Luke Monroe.

Crimson Overcoat is the former nom de guerre of the hero, Alexander, in this tale that mixes magic and revised history and unusual tech with a drastic revision of the Kris Kringle/Father Christmas mythos.

Alexander is enjoying the lull during the Christmas season, taking advantage of his boss being out of the office so he can indulge in some techno-wizardry work. Of course, that is interrupted when an elf named Holly comes knocking on the office door, looking for a champion. It turns out Kris Kringle isn't the jolly, lovable, benevolent old guy in red that we're used to. At least, not in this alternate history world. Alexander brings the Crimson Overcoat out of retirement and sets off for the North Pole to do battle and save an entire elf family from slavery.

Does he succeed? Does he survive? Read this novella -- free, when I downloaded it from B&N on Nook -- and find out for yourself.

I'm quite enjoying my education in all the many varieties and flavors of steampunk...

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