Monday, April 7, 2014


This book by the editors of Writer's Digest is kind of like a toolbox. Each chapter by a different author deals with different aspects of writing. For instance:

In the CHARACTERS section, you have chapters on "Emotion-Driven Characters" or "Three Techniques for Crafting your Villain."

Under FOCUS ON THE WRITING LIFE you have "Creative Lollygagging: Work Harder at Working Less," or "Beating Writer's Block."

In PLOT AND CONFLICT you have "Story Trumps Structure" or "Rescue Your Story from Plot Pitfalls."

Instead of an entire book focused on one aspect of writing, such as hooks or revision or plotting, this "toolbox" offers nice bite-sized chunks of advice that deal with specific aspects that might just be troubling you in writing your book or short story. Well worth the time to read straight through, and then go back and visit on a regular basis, just to brush up on things.

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