Monday, March 17, 2014

Off the Bookshelf: SWEETHEART BRIDE by Lenoa Worth

Are you stunned? Shocked? I'm actually reading and reporting on a book for FUN!

As I've progressed in my writing journey and my skills and pickiness levels grow, I've grown away from category romance. But there are some authors I can always depend on for a good read that doesn't feel contrived and two-dimensional.

Lenora Worth is one of those category romance authors. I especially like the fact that she sets up a family and community that you get to know a little more with each book. SWEETHEART BRIDE starts at the wedding of Alma and Julien -- probably need to find that book and read their story -- and introduces the next sister, Brenna, and the wounded, doubting young man who will help her heal as she helps him heal, Nick.

He is into restoration of buildings, while Brenna is an artist and works with art. Her skills are just what he needs to fulfill the requirements of his mysterious employer (who I'm hoping will show up in the next book and fall in love with sister #3, Callie!). Nick has secrets and wounds that need healing, and Brenna is aching from a broken engagement to a man who definitely wasn't worthy of her. They have to fight for their love -- fighting against themselves. Now, that's a good story. Of course, being trapped in a halfway restored mansion in one of Louisiana's hurricanes helps ...

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