Saturday, December 21, 2013

SPOTLIGHT SATURDAY: In a Pickle by Karen Robbins

Today's SPOTLIGHT is on fellow ACFW Ohio member Karen Robbins with her funny new novel, IN A PICKLE.

I've been hearing about this book for a few years now, as Karen has struggled to find a publisher brave enough to risk a sensitive topic handled in a humorous manner. Success!

Annie Pickels, a 65-year-old widowed pickle entrepreneur, is in real trouble. One of her city farmers is growing marijuana on his rented plot of land. Annie, thinking it is marjoram, uses it as a secret ingredient in her pickles.

Insisting Tommy is a nice young man, Annie discovers his beloved Mary Jane is not the name of his girlfriend after Annie is arrested for cultivation and sale of marijuana. But Annie knows God always takes care of her. On a cruise aboard the Queen Mary 2, Annie meets the man who might solve her impending legal dilemma, Arnie.

Elma, Annie’s best friend, knows that Arnie is just what Annie needs in her life. But is he?

Annie’s niece thinks Arnie is out to fleece her aunt. Is she right? Or is Arnie the one who can get Annie out of the pickle she’s in?

As a full-time mom, a teacher, a businesswoman, a paralegal student, a travel addict, and diver, Karen Robbins has had a wealth of experiences that contribute to her story ideas and speaking topics. In 1987, she sold her first written piece for publication in Standard, a Sunday School take-home paper. Since then she has published numerous articles and essays in a variety of publications including several regional and national magazines and written columns for a local newspaper and an online women’s magazine. Karen has been a contributing author to many compilation books including the Chicken Soup For The Soul series. She coauthored A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts and A Scrapbook of Motherhood Firsts. Her novels include Divide The Child,  In A Pickle, Murder Among The Orchids, and Death Among The Deckchairs

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  1. I read this for endorsement before it released and I really enjoyed it. Love Karen's sense of humor and adventure! :)

  2. Karen, still love this. Especially enjoyed reading the post today. Merry Christmas, ladies!