Friday, July 1, 2011

Pursued, by Lillian Duncan

Congratulations to my fellow Spinner of Tales, Lillian Duncan.

Her new book is out TODAY, from White Rose Publishing.

Big-city Lawyer. Country Farmer.
In the normal course of events, their lives would never intersect...
But some accidents aren't meant to be avoided.
When attorney Reggie Meyers crashes into Dylan Monroe on the freeway, it makes a bad day even worse—or so she thinks until she discovers she’s the prey in the deadly hunt of an unknown killer. Now, trusting this man she hardly knows is Reggie’s best chance for survival. The problem? Reggie doesn’t trust anyone.
When Dylan catches a glimpse of Reggie’s ransacked apartment, his protective instincts kick in. He wants to help her, but she’s not inclined to believe a simple country farmer has what it takes. Reggie doesn’t realize Dylan knows a lot about hunting—and being hunted. He’s up for the task of trapping a killer, keeping Reggie safe, and winning her heart—if she’ll let him.

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