Sunday, March 27, 2011


In the Second Chances series by Terri Blackstock, from Zondervan Publishing.

When Dreams Cross is the story of Andi and Justin -- rich girl making good, and brilliant creative artist. They both have baggage, they both have chips on their shoulders. And they both have history.

That's the essence of the Second Chance books -- a couple separated by circumstances, tragedy, secrets, whatever ... and how they come back together.

Andi's father came between them fifteen years ago. He offered Justin mega-$$$ to go away. Justin, insulted (naturally) went away to cool off and think. Well, when he vanished for a week with no explanation, what was Andi to think when her father told her that he offered Justin $$$ to get out of her life? And of course, both of them being proud, hurting people, they hurt each other more.

Enter the fifteen years of silence.

The story starts when Andi, who is building a Bible-themed amusement park -- with the requisite opposition from the surrounding residents and businesses and Boss Hogg-type mogul -- decides she needs a cartoon theme to pull everything together, to give a face to Promised Land. Enter Khaki's Krewe, a team of wise animals ... who just happen to be the brain children of one Justin Pierce.

Can Andi and Justin not only get over their pain and distrust, work together, make Promised Land a success and discover who is willing to do anything to stop the park from opening, but learn they're still in love?

Read it and find out.

There are several books in the series, and the next one is launched by an event in When Dreams Cross. I'm looking forward to reading it!