Friday, January 14, 2011

Review -- Seasons in the Mist

I'm delighted to start my semi-regular (meaning there's no predicting when they'll show up) book reviews with a superb time-travel romance by my good friend, Deb Kinnard.

Seasons in the Mist follows historian Bethany Lindstrom as she walks down a chilly hallway in the ruins of a Cornish manor, and comes out into the history she's been studying.

And she learns that all the books in the world can't prepare a modern woman for the culture shock of everyday, little things -- food, clothes, hygiene, chores -- as well as the social strata.

I admit, I have trouble with time-travel stories, just because of those pesky laws of physics -- especially the one that says something can't be two places at the same time. The molecules that make up Bethany's present body also existed somewhere else centuries ago, so ... don't use your scientific imagination too much. It can lead to disturbing images.

Anyway ... Deb covers that question admirably, and simply, and elegantly. So that the question really doesn't come up.

After all, if the One who made all matter sends you back through time, don't you think He's going to cover little problems like that?
And Bethany definitely has been sent back through time for a mission, but like Dr. Sam Becket of Quantum Leap fame, she doesn't figure out what that purpose is until she steps down the hallway, back to her own time, and realizes that a few small details have ... changed.

The heartbreaking question for Bethany is if she'll be allowed to return to the time and the man she has grown to love.

Go check out the dozens of rave reviews for Mist on Amazon. You'll agree. Deb did a superb job, making her historical era real, sometimes even uncomfortable and smelly! Real enough that I writhed for Bethany, and there were times I didn't want to put the book down, because I had to know how she was going to get out of this little -- or big -- mess.

Read it. And look for other books by Deb Kinnard. No matter what era she's writing in, you'll love her characters, laugh with them, ache for them, and cheer for them.

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